Work Packages

The project implementation is comprised of 7 Work Packages (WP).

  • WP1 Management


1. Achieve a level of international project management and reporting

2. Achieve a consensus inside the consortium about the use and exploitation of the data and products (intellectual property) and the consistency of this policy

3. Maintain sustainability of the project

4. Set up and operate a Steering Committee and an external Advisory Board


  • WP2 Integrated observation scheme for subsidence and seismic monitoring


1. Integrate available structural, geotechnical and hydrogeological data

2. Design of the overall Kalochori network strategy proposing sites for the installations

3. Installation of the proposed multi-sensor network

4. Establish a reference and create GNSS velocity vectors.

5. Obtain 3D city model based on LiDAR 1st mission data


  • WP3 Monitoring and multi-sensor data acquisition


1. Compile network stations monographs based on the integrated data

2. Measure current subsidence rates and create map of GPS velocity vectors.

3. Operation of the multi-sensor network

4. Monitoring of water level and ground motion along with processing of the collected data.

5. Development of piezometry maps


  • WP4 Subsidence model development 


1.  Investigate observed land subsidence based on available geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geophysical data

2.  Develop a finite element model for analyzing subsidence mechanism

3.  Calibrate and cross check the FE model by means of LiDAR/GNSS data

4.  Develop an integrated modelling procedure able to be applied in similar subsidence-prone sites


  • WP5 Soil-structure interaction model development


1. Integrate LiDAR data towards the development of a building stock inventory for the examined site.

2. Develop a rational and simple method for introducing soil-structure interaction effects in urban-scale

3. Provide spatial distribution of structural response including soil-structure interaction phenomena as affected by urban density and type of structure

4. Investigate urban-scale soil-structure interaction by means of real earthquake recordings


  • WP6 Development of a Web GIS platform for data demonstration


1. Data structure schema and implementation of the geo-database

2. Web GIS platform publication

3. Project website publication

4. Overview of INDES MUSA workflow service


  • WP7 Business / marketing plan and dissemination of results


1. Identify end-users

2. Contact Commercial Sector

3. Define Data Policy

4. Demonstration of product

5. Link with other projects (EPOS – TERRAFIRMA etc)