INDES-MUSA partners have a recognized expertise in monitoring solutions and scientific developments related to ground subsidence and seismic motion providing sufficient guarantees for achieving the project’s objectives within the available resources, time constraints and quality specifications. The project management and the consortium is structured from both countries leading to a well-constrained partnership to meet the technological and scientific requirements of the project in an integrated and interacting manner. In this context, a multidisciplinary research team was formed comprising of highly qualified earth scientists, hardware engineers and information technology staff as part of the INDES-MUSA Consortium of both sides. The project brings together established and highly experienced researchers and technologically advanced enterprise’s personnel from Greece and China specialized in subsidence and seismicity monitoring and analysis, strong motion and structural modeling, remote sense monitoring, instrumentation deployment, network adapting, risk management and decision-support within mitigation schemes or urban planning policies.


  • GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. (Project Coordianator)

Geosystems Hellas was established in November 2009 as GEOSYSTEMS EU GROUP Member ( constituting a leading provider of geospatial solutions as well as technologies designed for geographical data capturing, processing, analysing and presenting. The success of the company is based on the qualified staff with experience of at least 15 years working in the same market, comprised from earth scientists, software engineers and information technology engineers. GSH puts its effort into promotion of innovative geospatial methods and technologies among users from different disciplines (project implementation, technical support, consultancy, workshops) in the field of remote sensing, photogrammetry and Geographical Information Systems, conducting research and development projects, while also acting commercially as Intergraph solutions authorized reseller and as consultant in Greece and Cyprus on subjects of Geodetic and Environmental Monitoring (as partner of Metrica SA, GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. is a legal e-GEOS representative authorized in Greece and Cyprus to handle all e-GEOS satellite imagery products.


  • EPPO

The Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation (EPPO) was founded in 1983. It is a Public Entity supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. Purpose of EPPO is the processing and design of earthquake-country policy in the context of government-guidance and coordinate the operations of public and private resources for the implementation of this policy (Φ.Ε.Κ. 52/Α΄/25-4-1983).



  • National Observatory of Athens – Institute of Geodynamics

The Institute of Geodynamics is one of the five institutes of the National Observatory of Athens, which constitutes National Research Center and is under the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), Ministry of Education. G.I. is one of the oldest Institutes in Greece operating continuously since 1893. In 1897 the first seismograph was installed in Athens and in 1899 the first seismic network started to operate. Since then, systematic and detailed seismic observations started for the region extending from 34° to 42° N and 19° to 30° E. The location of the Head Office of G.I. is on the hill of Nymphs, opposite to Acropolis, at the center of Athens.


From the chinese part, the partner is Beijing iSpatial Co. Ltd (


EPPO External Partners 

Emmanouil Kirtas (Dr Civil Engineer, MSc) is an Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Surveying Engineering & Geomatics Department, Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Central Macedonia, Serres, Greece, with scientific interests:

– Structural seismic behavior and dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction
– Dynamic behavior of soil deposits under seismic loading
– Contemporary methods of seismic design of structures
– Structural analysis using the finite element method
– Inelastic analysis of structures (use of inelastic static and inelastic dynamic analysis)

Personal website:

Constantinos J. Loupassakis (Ph.D., M.Sc. Geologist & Civil Engineer)  is an Assistant Professor at the school of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), with scientific interests:

– Geotechnical Engineering (Engineering Geology – Soil Mechanics – Rock Mechanics Computational Geotechnical Engineering)
– Hydrogeology
– Environmental Geology

Personal website:

Dimitris Pitilakis (M.Sc. University of California, Berkeley,  U.S.A., Ph.D. in earthquake engineering, Ecole Centrale Paris, France) is an Assistant Professor at Department of Civil Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with scientific interests:

– Geotechnical earthquake engineering
– Soil-foundation-structure interaction
– Performance based design
– Structural dynamics
– Numerical analysis

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